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Welcome to Northern Light Yoga where I invite you to take control of your health, naturally

  • Relax, de-stress and feel more positive

    Boost your energy levels

    Increase fitness and flexibility

    Ease stiff and aching joints

    Improve posture and relieve back pain

  • 'Dru Yoga should be available in every GP surgery.'

    Dr Hilary Jones; GP, TV Presenter, Medical Broadcaster, Author and Public Speaker.

    'You're only as young as your spine is flexible.'

    Bob Harper; personal trainer, reality television personality, and author. 

  • Services

    Dru Yoga for Wellbeing classes

    Suitable for beginners and more experienced, these classes support anyone experiencing minor mental health issues such as depression, stress, anxiety or low confidence. Maybe you just want to get out more, do some fun movement and make new friends.

    Time: Mondays 9:15 – 10:30 am

    BOOKING ESSENTIAL as places are limited

    Venue: Canolfan Thomas Telford Centre, Mona Road, Menai Bridge, LL57 5EA

    Investment: Taster class, £9. Block of 5 classes, £45

    Time: Mondays 6:30 – 7:45 pm


    Venue: Canolfan Penrhosgarnedd, Penrhos Road, Bangor LL57 2NN

    Investment: Taster class, £9. Block of 5 classes, £45 or block of 10 for £80

    Yoga Therapy:

    1-1 Transformative yoga therapy and coaching is available in person and online to help you achieve your health goals.

    Unlike a regular yoga class, yoga therapy addresses your specific health challenges by holistically assessing what is going on and combining yoga tools to co-create a personalised yoga therapy prescription. This may include movement, breath work, mantra, visualisation, relaxation, meditation and lifestyle advice. The cumulative effects of even 10 minutes practice a day will help restore balance so that healing can take place naturally.

    Sessions usually last one hour and you will be shown easy to learn techniques to practise at home. These may be supported by practice videos and handouts. 

    The Back Happy Programme

    Has your doctor or physiotherapist advised you to try yoga?

    Does your back feel stiff or maybe you’d like to improve your posture?

    Then the Back Happy Programme is for you.

    Designed by physiotherapists, osteopaths, yoga therapists and GPs this programme helps you to:

    *Prevent injury and back pain

    *Enjoy freedom of movement and regain confidence in your body

    *Stretch, strengthen and relax your way back to health

    *Develop a home practice to help keep your back happy

    Please note: This programme is NOT FOR YOU if you are experiencing an acute phase of back pain, you are pregnant or your doctor has advised you not to do yoga. If in any doubt, please check with your doctor!

    Back pain affects people worldwide and is a major cause of workplace absence. It costs millions to employers, untold suffering to individuals and much of it is avoidable!

    To find out more, please message me today.

    7 reasons why the Back Happy Programme is so effective at keeping your back happy:

    1.   Neutral Pelvis

    The most common cause of back pain is poor posture. When the body is properly aligned, the pelvis is in a neutral position and the spine retains its natural curves. The neutral pelvis is a prerequisite for core activation and core stability exercises. 

    When we hold good posture, our core is active allowing our mobility muscles to switch off and relax. This reduces muscular tension that causes muscular back pain.

    Yoga postures in the Back Happy Programme encourage good awareness and alignment.

    2. Segmental stiffness

    Intervertebral discs cushion and support the spine. Happy discs are plump and hydrated. They gradually compress and lose water under the effects of gravity, poor posture and from inactivity (e.g. sitting for long periods). Of course, being chronically dehydrated by not drinking enough water will have the same effect leading to segmental stiffness and back pain.

    So give your discs a well deserved drink:

    *Drink water. The recommended daily intake is 1.5-2.5 litres

    *Move. The Back Happy programme shows you how to move the spine through all its natural planes of motion. This opens and decompress squashed intervertebral discs allowing them to rehydrate by drawing fluid that has seeped out back into the discs. This is especially true in the lower back.

    *Relax. Lying down in relaxation decompresses the discs and resets the spine. Did you know that you are about 1 cm taller after a good night’s sleep?

    3. Forward and backward bending

    Forward and backward bends, when alternated, are the most efficient way to nourish and heal intervertebral discs.

    Backward bending yoga postures (unless contraindicated) commonly correct any distortion or bulging in the intervertebral discs and can often ease related symptoms of nerve impingement, such as sciatica.

    A daily practice of even 5-10 minutes goes a long way to healing the back. The Back Happy Programme shows you how to develop a fun, pick and mix home practice with handouts and videos to guide you.

    4. Core stability training

    Deep postural (core) muscles stabilise and support the body, keeping your natural spinal curves and a healthy alignment. If these are working inefficiently then the important mobility muscles take over. They become tense, shorten and cause misalignment and perpetuating back problems.

    Core stability is naturally increased when we practice flowing yoga postures with emphasis on spinal control, mobility and core awareness.

    5. Mobility of nervous tissue

    Our nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and the nerves that run into all parts of the body, all the way to the tips of our toes and fingers. When we move, our spinal cord and nerves are meant to slide and glide.

    If you do not move your body enough, immobility can cause restriction in the nervous tissue (neural tension) which in turn can cause pain or uncomfortable sensations. Back health is dependent upon neural mobility.

    Yoga postures in this Programme help to mobilise the nerves and keep them healthy.

    6. Nervous system reset

    Mindful movement, breath work and relaxation all help the body to destress and release tension that may be causing back pain. By focusing the mind inward, the nervous system resets and the body receives messages that it is safe and secure. The body can then relax and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and stillness.

    This improves our ability to deal with the symptoms and causes of back pain.

    7. Healing from the inside out

    Western medicine is beginning to realise the impact that emotions and mental states can have on back pain. The Back Happy Programme engages all layers of our being:






    Breath work, positive affirmations and visualisations create positive mental and emotional states.

    By taking a more holistic approach to back pain, we activate the energy in our body, balance our emotions, positively transform our thoughts and create stillness helping to heal from the inside out.

    To find out how the Back Happy Programme can help you, please message me today.

    Check out my video for a short 10 minute practice you can do at anytime to keep your Back Happy.

    A Back Happy Programme Testimonial

    ‘I have noticed a huge difference in my lower back. The sessions allowed me time for myself, learning to breathe again. I now have a programme that I can carry on at home. It was nice to be able to do something for myself, but which also allowed time for my back to get better.’

    MGJ, Carer, Bangor

    Meet Naomi

    Hi. I’m Naomi from Northern Light Yoga in the UK.

    I offer simple but effective yoga solutions for real people like you. My aim is to help you feel nurtured, uplifted and empowered from the inside out.

    I have enjoyed many styles of yoga for over 35 years but I’m passionate about Dru which I’ve been teaching since I qualified in 2012.

    In 2021, I qualified as a Dru Yoga therapist and I'm excited to now offer 1-1 transformational yoga therapy coaching to help you achieve your goals.

    I am also passionate about learning and keep my skills up to date with continuing professional development courses, reading and reflection.

    I serve as a support tutor on the Dru Yoga postgraduate Back care and Wellbeing course.


    'After yoga I feel refreshed and calm, ready to face the challenges of my working life all week’ 

    K.A. (HGV driver)

    'Yoga has helped with my back, keeping it supple with the stretches. It also focuses my mind with concentrating on the postures.’

    Kate (retired)

    'Through the beautiful flowing movements, I experience a growing opening in myself to new possibilities.’

    Ruth (Dance Leader)

    'Yoga is calming. It stops my brain whizzing and I can concentrate more.’

    DP (Radiographer)

    Here are just a few of the benefits that Northern Light Yoga can bring:

    • Ease back pain, headaches and other physical discomfort

    • Reduce stress and tension

    • Transform painful emotions into their positive counterparts for better mood

    • Ease negative thinking

    • Resolve conflicts more successfully so you can enjoy better relationships

    Northern Light Yoga is based in Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales.

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